Latest Word on Clinical Trials from the NIH

This week the NIH Extramural Nexus Blog considers clinical trial improvements in two separate but related ways.

Clinical Trial Improvement Efforts - Stewardship and Transparency. The authors highlight a newly published JAMA Viewpoint essay, "Toward a New Era of Trust and Transparency in Clinical Trials," which summarizes the NIH's launch of "multifaceted efforts" to improve the quality of trials as well as their efficiency. This figure (Source: NIH Extramural Nexus Blog) illustrates the clinical trial lifespan, and was devised for the purpose of pinpointing opportunities for improvement at every stage. 

NIH CT figure 1

Clinical Trial Visibility During and After the Trial. The authors highlight the NIH's efforts toward broad dissemination of clinical trial availability and results information.  They go on to discuss how the effort will complement an existing federal regulation known as The Final Rule.  The blog also links to a Special Report published in NEJM that summarizes key points about the Final Rule.