Learning Health System

PEDSnet is a national platform that can support manifold research and improvement use cases. It is specialty agnostic and a resource co-owned by all participating institutions. Currently, each pediatric institution supports dozens if not hundreds of multi-center research, improvement, and informatics initiatives, creating redundancies and inefficiencies. The PEDSnet platform aims to solve these problems.
PEDSnet has adopted the learning health system model for improving outcomes, and is contributing to the formation of a national-scale pediatric learning health system. The essential attributes of a learning health system are:

1.     Clinical communities of children, families, front-line clinicians, researchers, and health system leaders who collaborate to produce and use pediatric health care data;
2.     Access to extensive real-world clinical and administrative data from electronic health records and other sources;
3.     Research done in routine clinical care settings; and,
4.     Quality improvement at the point of care brought about by the integration of relevant new knowledge generated through research or ascertainment of best practices.

The learning health system is dependent on the active collaboration of all its members, and success is defined by its impact on the health and lives of patients.

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