Our Vision

We imagine a future in which PEDSnet is recognized as the premier multispecialty national pediatric clinical network for conducting research. It will be able to access health and healthcare data for over 10% of the nation’s children. Having completed or launched interventional and observational research studies, PEDSnet will have a diverse portfolio of public and private sector funding. It will have created a variety of governance, technical, scientific, and engagement resources that many investigators, specialty groups, and institutions have used to conduct efficient pediatric clinical and health services research. PEDSnet will have forged relationships with strategic partners that have organized to catalyze the formation of a distributed, national pediatric learning health system. PEDSnet will have a sustainable business model that ensures its long-term sustainability.

PEDSnet is pursuing four strategic goals until 2021:

1. Grow the data network to include 10% of US children

2. Reduce study start-up time to <60 days

3. Attain financial sustainability; and,

4. Provide training opportunities in the science of pediatric learning health systems.