Alissa Scharpen

Member, Engagement Committee

Why you’re on the Engagement Committee

Serving on the Engagement Committee is a wonderful opportunity for me to invest in the future of pediatric patients and their families, by working to promote coproduction in research and supporting the best possible outcomes for children and youth.

What expertise/point of view you are bringing to the Committee 

As a mother of four, two with special health care needs, I bring a family perspective with over a dozen years of experience engaging the health care system.  I've also served on many hospital committees, research groups, and advisories which has helped me to bring patient and family relevance to many settings and research projects.  Lastly, I have experience working in the public health arena.  Health equity and population health are areas of focus that I can offer to the research network to bring diverse social impact to all our projects.


Scharpen & Stille. From Strangers in a Foreign Land to Active, Engaged Citizens. Pediatrics 2018.