Amy Kratchman

Steering Board Member, Site Parent Lead, Engagement Committee Member

Amy L. Kratchman is the Family Consultant and LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities) Family Collaboration Director at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She provides the family’s voice to clinicians and researchers on numerous projects, drawing on her role as the mother of three children with special healthcare needs. She joined the LEND faculty in 2009 and oversees the Fellows in family collaboration projects. Kratchman also serves on numerous hospital and community committees, task forces, and project groups to provide a family perspective to those organizations’ work. She is the family advisor for the Developmental Behavioral Pediatric Network and the Autism Treatment Network, and also serves as a co-investigator on a PCORI Pilot Project and PEDSnet. Kratchman earned a BA in English/journalism from the University of Delaware.