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Scott Fehr

Parent Partner

Scott Fehr received his Bachelor degree in theater from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, IL He has worked as an executive producer for Bush Creative services honing his skills and currently is the president of  ITC (Image Technologies Corporation) having joined them 11 years ago.  

Scott is the proud father of a son Kyle. Kyle was born with symmetrical Syndactyly, and has had over 20 surgeries and is a better golf player then his dad. Scott was an early pioneering family partner who has been partnering for over 15 years at St. Louis Children's Hospital while his son has grown. He has engaged in research as part of an NIH genome study isolating the mutation that resulted in his son’s condition. He represents families in a unit based joint practice team setting, is a member of the community advocacy network advocating for healthcare legislation, and sharing stories for new employees.