ATLAS Troubleshooting

The first time you try to use the new version of Atlas, you will need to clear your web browser’s cache before starting.  If you’re using Google Chrome (the preferred browser for Atlas), pick “Clear Browsing Data . . .” from the menu:



If you don’t, you’ll get an error message as Atlas tries to start up using pieces of the old version cached by your browser.  Note that restarting your browser is not enough; you have to clear the cache.

Atlas is now set up to allow different users access to different options, so you will have to sign in to Atlas as well as the web gateway. (It’s a limitation of the web gateway that one sign-on doesn’t work for both; we will fix that in a more deliberate timeframe). When you try to use a restricted part of Atlas, it will prompt you to sign in.  Until we have the bug in single-sign on fixed, you should sign in via the “database” option:


You should use your CHOP username, and your first name, all lowercase, as the “password”.  (You’ve already authenticated to the gateway, so it’s not helpful to give you another hard password to remember.). Once you sign in, you’ll stay signed in, and Atlas will automatically mark work you do with your name, and you can only modify your own work.

When you are building cohorts, be sure you pick a fixed duration as the exit criterion.  Atlas pays more attention to cohort exit now, and the ragged follow-up in our EHR data gives it some headaches.  You can pick a long duration here if you want to effectively follow patients as long as you can.