Application Instructions

Please download the Application Instructions for PEDSnet Scholars Institutional K12 Award document, found here

Successful Candidates

  • Candidates must have a doctorate or equivalent in health sciences, including medicine, health services or other related disciplines, nursing, and other clinical fields
  • Evidence of ability to independently conduct scholarly research
  • Demonstration of a strong and committed set of relationships with an institutional scientific, health system, and patient/family partner mentors
  • A proposed research project that is meaningful to health system stakeholders


  • Complete details on scholar eligibility/ineligibility are described in the AHRQ program announcement
  • Applicants must be full-time faculty members at one of the eight PEDSnet institutions 
  • Candidates with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to carry out the proposed research are invited to work with their mentors to develop an application for support
  • Individuals must be citizens or non-citizen national of the US or lawful permanent residents by the time of award
  • Candidates must have a doctoral degree (i.e., MD, PhD, DDS, PharmD, etc)  
  • Institutions are restricted to 2 applicants for the AHRQ K12 support
  • Up to 4 applications per institution can be submitted IF the applicants' institution guarantees financial support for at least 75% effort for a minimum of 2 years
  • Each institution will develop its own process for selecting program applicants


The following must be submitted as part of the application:

  • Research and mentorship plan
  • NIH/AHRQ bio sketch for applicant
  • NIH/AHRQ bio sketch for research mentor
  • Letter of support from research mentor
  • Letter of support from health systems mentor
  • Letter of support from candidate’s department chair

Research and Mentorship Plan:

7-page document with the following sections:

  • Overview (0.5 pages)
  • Candidate Statement (1 page)
  • Research Plan (5 pages)
  • Mentorship Plan (0.5 pages)

Please note: In the interest of equity, appendices to the application will be permitted but the review committee will not be required to review materials beyond those requested. Candidates should use their discretion in submitting any additional materials.

Application Process and Timeline

The PEDSnet Scholars Executive Committee will review all applications, and 2 Selection Committee members will interview each candidate via videoconference. Final selection will be based on the review process and other programmatic factors as determined by the PEDSnet Scholar Executive Committee. 

Milestone Date
(1) Application materials distributed 10/2/18
(2) Institutions select up to 2 candidates 10/3/18-10/31/18
(3) Applications due 11/16/18
(4) Video interviews of scholar candidates 12/10-12/14/18
(5) Announcements of scholars 12/31/18
(6) Scholars program launch 1/2/2019

Submission and Project Dates

Applications are due November 16, 2018. Please email applications as a single PDF file in the order of the listed application instructions to:

Funding and project start dates are January 1, 2019. Please use an end date of December 31, 2020.