The PEDSnet Scholars program includes a structured Core Curriculum to ensure acquisition of LHS research competencies and relevant PCORI Methodology standards. The primary components are:

  • A diverse and experienced pediatric health services and outcomes research faculty including over 50 MDs, MD/PhDs, and PhDs who represent leading experts in the field; faculty are based in PEDSnet institutions; 
  • Scholars will become proficient in core LHS curriculum that will focus on the AHRQ LHS research competencies and relevant PCORI Methodology Standards; 
  • Scholars will be exposed to related topics such as child/family-centered outcomes in observational and interventional research, stakeholder engagement, implementation science, applied informatics, leadership, and quality improvement; 
  • Scholars will conduct a learning health system (LHS) science project that is meaningful to and impactful for patients, families, clinicians, and/or health systems. Select Scholars will be supported by a Center data scientist who will conduct analyses using the PEDSnet EHR database. Other Scholars will collect primary data in their local institutions or use PEDSnet data with support offered by their institutional informatics teams; 
  • Twice a month, mandatory PEDSnet Scholar virtual learning sessions; 
  • PEDSnet Scholar in-person training workshop/meeting (annual); 
  • Self-guided, online learning modules; 
  • A personal mentorship team that includes a research scientist, a health systems leader, and a scientist from another institution within PEDSnet.