PEDSnet Scholars Program- Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to directly access EMRs from the PEDSnet institutions to get broader information than what exists within the PEDSnet Common Data Model? 

A: Given the scope of the K12 resources, the PEDSnet Data Coordinating Center is not able to commit resources to extract data beyond current PEDSnet Common Data Model. 

Q: What is the cost of accessing PEDSnet data? 

A: The PEDSnet Executive Committee has not determined the cost to PEDSnet Scholars, but we anticipate that data from the PEDSnet common data model will be available for a reduced cost.

Q: Do PEDSnet Scholars need to have an appointment at one of the PEDSnet institutions in order to apply? 

A: Yes, PEDSnet Scholars must have a primary appointment at a PEDSnet institution. If you are uncertain about your affiliation eligibility, please contact your local institutional K12 lead listed under the Contact section. 

Q: Would a fellow who graduates in June 2019 with a guaranteed faculty appointment in July 2019 be eligible?

A: No, the Jan 2019 date start date and full-time faculty status is firm. 

Q: The application instructions reference "PHS 398 Continuation Pages” PHS 398 Form - https://grants.nih.gov/grants/funding/phs398/phs398.html. The continuation page just has a header and a footer with a blank document—is this what is required? 

A: Yes

Q: Is a budget required with the application submission?

A: No, scholars will submit budgets after the PEDSnet Scholars have been selected. 

Q: How can I be included in the PEDSnet Scholars Program distance learning opportunities accessible to the public? 

A: Send an email to pedsnet@email.chop.edu and submit a request to be added to the K12 distribution list. Information on publicly open webinars and other resources will be communicated. 

 Q: Can I participate in PEDSnet Scholars program with institutional or foundation salary support?

 A: Yes, please refer to the document "Application Instructions for PEDSnet Scholars Institutional K12 Award- Section 1C."

Q: Is EHR data required?

A: No, use of any real-world evidence data is acceptable.

Q: What is the expectation around use of PEDSnet multi institutional data?

A: Use of any real-world evidence data is acceptable; discuss potential use of PEDSnet data with your institutional K12 leader.

 Q: Is being a Co- on a R01 or grant over $100,0000 a disqualifier?

A: No, if the candidate is a Co-I (not PI, MPI) on a R01, he/she would be eligible.

Q: What is the right kind of project (must it be implementation)?

A: Implementation, clinical research, leadership, informatics could all be relevant project topics. Criteria for strong projects include meaningfulness for LHS stakeholders, and research that can demonstrate where opportunities lie for testing models, disseminating best practices, and conducting implementation science in an organization.

Q: Would a project be better received if the study was focused on a specific condition versus a patient population?

A: Not necessarily, it is most important if the research question is meaningful to the health system stakeholders (i.e., system leaders, clinicians, caregivers, and patients)

Q: Does the program provide funding for study expenses?

A: The limited amount of funding available for training expenses (~$15,000/per scholar per year) may be used for select study expenses. Please refer to the AHRQ program announcement for specific exclusions.

Q: How do we scope the project, given the possibility of a third year of funding?

A: Please develop a proposal for 2 years. You may outline what could be accomplished if additional funding were made available, but focus should be on primary project.

Q: On the informational webinar, an institutional deadline of October 31 was mentioned. Is this applicable to all sites?

A: This was mentioned as guidance. Institutions are managing their own internal deadlines. The only firm deadline is the submission of site candidates to PEDSnet Scholars Program central by 11/16.

Q: Can additional materials be submitted as part of the application?

A: In the interest of equity, appendices to the application will be permitted but the review committee will not be required to review materials beyond those requested. Candidates should use their discretion in submitting any additional materials.