Andrea Rivera-Sepulveda, MD

Andrea Rivera-Sepulveda, MD

Andrea Rivera-Sepulveda, MD is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Central Florida and a Physician Educator at Nemours Children's Hospital in Orlando, Florida. She completed a postdoctoral Master of Science in Clinical and Translational Research in 2015 and a pediatric emergency medicine fellowship in 2019. Dr. Rivera-Sepulveda serves as the Course Director of Research at the Nemours Children's Hospital Pediatric Residency and is an integral part of the emergency department faculty. 

Dr.Rivera-Sepulveda's PEDSnet project is titled, "Implementation of a Clinical Scoring Tool to Predict Bronchodilator Responsiveness in Children with Bronchiolitis", the project will explored through the following aims: 

•Build a bronchiolitis response stratification tool (BReST) using clinical and historical parameters that predict a response to bronchodilator treatment in children with bronchiolitis.

•Aim 1a. Develop and implement a survey to perform a needs assessment and illness perception of children with chronic respiratory illnesses within the pediatric community. 

•Aim 1b. Perform a retrospective analysis within the Nemours clinical data research network (PEDSnet) for extraction of historical data related to risk factors, physical findings, and management of children with bronchiolitis.

•Aim 1c. Perform a comprehensive literature review and meaningful discussion with specialists to identify risk factors and predictive factors for children with bronchiolitis that may be related to the development of asthma later in life.