Dr. Ronald Brusseau

Roland Brusseau, MD

Roland Brusseau, MD is an Assistant Professor of Anæthesia at Harvard Medical School and Senior Associate in the Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative, and Pain Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital. Dr. Brusseau serves as Director of the Pediatric Regional Anesthesia Program at BCH and in that capacity oversees ongoing quality improvement initiatives as well as an active clinical research program investigating the contribution of regional anesthesia to perioperative pain management.

Dr. Brusseau's PEDSnet project is titled, "Developing a tool for ongoing, real time, stakeholder-specific outcomes analysis and visualization", this project will be explored through the following aims:

  • Assess stakeholders’ outcomes of interest and develop uniform definitions and their relative weighting for interventions under consideration. 
  • Develop a data visualization and analysis tool, with output customizable by end users, that can present the collected outcomes data and reflect differential endpoint weighting by stakeholder group. 
  • Utilize this tool to compare outcomes data (specifically comfort scale?) in patients undergoing arthroscopic meniscus and non-ACL knee surgery with and without an ambulatory nerve block catheter.