lucinda Kohn

Lucinda Kohn, MD, MHS

Lucinda Kohn, MD, MHS is an Assistant Professor of Dermatology at the University of Colorado. Dr. Kohn’s project aims to identify modifiable factors in how pediatric dermatologists and their support staff communicate with their patients from minoritized communities (Black, Hispanic and American Indian (AIAN)) to improve the efficiency and quality of care provided. Her project is titled, “Implementing Minoritized Community Engagement with Pediatric Dermatology." Her project will be explored through the following aims: 

  • Determine characteristics of youth with skin disease that are associated with lower rates of pediatric dermatology access.
  • Establish Black, Hispanic and AIAN stakeholder engagement at CHCO for dermatology care.
  • Assess the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and expectancies of families from minoritized communities regarding communication preferences for initial access to and continued engagement with pediatric dermatology care.