Access PEDSnet

Key to the PEDSnet mission of improving the health of the nation’s children is creating a multi-institutional network of health systems that collaborate with patients, families, and clinicians. As PEDSnet seeks to create a culture of sharing and collaboration across geographic, organizational, and specialty boundaries, our network aims to serve as convener, bringing together stakeholders to identify important research questions, design and conduct studies, and disseminate findings. 

As a first step toward working with PEDSnet, we ask that investigators complete our Collaboration Request Form (see link below to access live survey). This form will serve to gather information about your collaboration needs and determine next steps. Each type of collaboration request is described below.

Types of Collaboration Requests

Data Consultations. This involves executing a query against the PEDSnet database to test the feasibility of conducting a study using PEDSnet data.  Results of this type of query are aggregated.

Research Collaborations. These services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Obtain access to PEDSnet data and resources to strengthen a research funding proposal
  • Obtain PEDSnet support for a Letter of Intent submission
  • Obtain individual-level datasets for use in research

Data Consultations & Research Collaborations. Applicants may choose to request both of the above services at the same time.

Link to PEDSnet Collaboration Request Form

Please note: Requests require 4-6 weeks to process once an administrative review is completed.  Administrative reviews take 3 business days or more depending on the need for follow up information.

Submission & Review Process - What to Expect

Once an investigator has submitted a request form, the PEDSnet Management Office (PMO) conducts an administrative review and, if needed, contacts the investigator for a phone consultation in order to determine the following:

  1. Alignment of research concept with the PEDSnet mission and vision 
  2. Feasibility of request fulfillment using PEDSnet data and resources
  3. The availability of adequate financial resources, personnel, and infrastructure to fulfill the request, which will vary depending on the level of complexity involved

The PMO then consults with leadership and relays the recommendation on moving the request forward in PEDSnet (yay or nay) to the requestor. If the request is given the "green light":

  • Individuals requesting Data Consultation will be put in touch with our Informatics Manager and staff to determine next steps.
  • Individuals requesting Research Collaboration will continue to work with the PMO to determine next steps. 

Consultation Option

If you are interested in engaging with PEDSnet but would like to discuss your needs with a PEDSnet representative prior to submitting the Collaboration Request Form, please contact us by email: