Development of the PROMIS Pediatric Sleep Health Item Banks

sleep measuresTitle of Study. Development of the PROMIS Pediatric Sleep Health Item Banks

Funding Status.  Funded (01/01/2015-04/30/2017)

Sponsor. PCORI

PI(s)/Co-I(s): Christopher Forrest

Project Focus/Research Question. The goal of the project was to complete the development and validation of the PROMIS pediatric sleep health item pools.  We produced child self-report (ages 8+ years) and parent proxy-report (for children ages 5+ years) item banks that are conceptually harmonized with the PROMIS adult Sleep Disturbance and Sleep-Related Impairment measures.  Based on the recommendations of the children, parents, and experts that were interviewed during the qualitative phase of the project, we developed a new measure of Sleep Practices that evaluates the routines, behaviors, and environmental factors that influence sleep.

Content Validation. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with children, parents, and experts to capture sleep health concepts specific to the pediatric population.  Cognitive interviews were conducted with children and parents to ensure the comprehensibility of each item.

Field Tests. All items were administered to a nationwide, probability-based research panel.  They were also administered to multiple clinical populations.  Participants were recruited from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Sleep Center, the National Jewish Health Asthma and Allergy clinic, and 5 PPRNs: Interactive Autism Network (IAN), ImproveCareNow (ICN), NephCure Kidney Network (NKN), Rare Epilepsy Network (REN), and Genetic Alliance (GA).

Note: Measures and scoring manuals will be made available on