Community-Engaged Network for All (CENA)


About CENA

The Community Engaged Network for All (CENA) is a network led by Genetic Alliance and consists of 11 different disease advocacy organizations (DAOs). In addition, CENA harnesses the power of partnerships with Private Access, the University of California – San Francisco, and the University of California – Davis to transform traditional clinically-driven research to people-driven research.

As part of PCORnet, CENA aims to drive people-centered research on a larger scale among all players within the healthcare system. CENA provides methods and tools that empower everyday people to be full participants in the research enterprise, work with a variety of stakeholders to prioritize research questions most important to them, and drive new studies to alleviate suffering in their own communities. CENA aims to accomplish this by piloting and facilitating new online methods of collaboration among researchers and participants, particularly in the sharing of health data and informing research priorities.

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