PEDSnet: A Pediatric Learning Health System (PEDSnet)

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About PEDSnet

In 2014, PEDSnet was one of 13 Clinical Data Research Networks (CDRNs) established under PCORnet. PEDSnet has since grown into a large and diverse community of hospitals and healthcare organizations, researchers and clinicians, and patients and families across the nation. This community works together to identify the most important research questions that can reduce children’s suffering and support their healthy development. PEDSnet has formed a multi-specialty network that conducts observational research and clinical trials across multiple children’s hospital health systems and is governed by parents and senior leaders in these health systems. PEDSnet has produced reusable and expandable governance, logistical, informatics, regulatory, scientific, and training resources, organized as a Pediatric Research Commons. Across its eight founding institutions, PEDSnet has created a longitudinal data resource that dates back to 2009, cutting across all pediatric diseases, and including all pediatric specialties.

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