ATLAS Resources

ATLAS is the data exploration tool that PEDSnet uses for preparatory to research queries, terminology code-set formation, and exploration of the full PEDSnet database. It is a free, publicly available web-based, open-source software application developed by the OHDSI community. It can be used to perform analyses across one or more observational databases which have been standardized to the OMOP Common Data Model V5 and can facilitate exchange of analysis designs with any other organizations across the OHDSI community who have adopted the same open science community standards and tools.

ATLAS Training Materials

All PEDSnet ATLAS users are required to participate in some form of training on the ATLAS tool. If you have not already taken part in an ATLAS training (examples being an OHDSI Atlas tutorial or the PEDSnet data science training course), the PEDSnet coordinating center recommends reading the short OHDSI chapter and watching the Atlas training videos listed below. To inquire about ATLAS access, please send an email to and a member of the coordinating center will guide you through the approval and access process.

The Book of OHDSI, Chapter 8.3

ATLAS Training videos, available here on YouTube

For additional information, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Data Science Training, Webinar 3 can be accessed here.

Institutional Atlas Champions

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - Christopher Forrest
Children's Hospital Colorado - Sara Deakyne-Davies
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center - Nathan Pajor
Nationwide Children's Hospital - Sarah Wagner
Nemours Children's Health System - Daniel Eckrich
St. Louis Children's Hospital - Brianna Magnusen
Seattle Children's Hospital - Daksha Ranade
Stanford Children's Hospital - Jessica Whalen