Suchitra Rao, MD

Suchitra Rao is Assistant Professor of Pediatrics in the sections of Hospital Medicine and Infectious Diseases at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Associate Medical Director of Epidemiology at Children’s Hospital Colorado. She studies the epidemiology of influenza in children, including several prospective observational studies exploring the burden of disease of influenza in children. Her work includes influenza vaccine uptake, leveraging burden of disease data from large national databases, and exploring the impact of diagnostics and treatment on the management of influenza. 

Dr. Rao's PEDSnet Scholars project aims to develop a clinical scoring system for children with influenza infection that predicts the risk of hospitalization and to implement and evaluate the impact of the score locally in emergency department, hospital and urgent care settings. The project study aims are to: 

  1. Develop and validate an influenza risk stratification tool using early clinical parameters that predicts the risk of hospitalization in children that can be used to determine which patients should undergo testing and treatment;
  2. Engage with stakeholders to determine the most effective implementation of the risk stratification tool to yield the highest clinical impact; and 
  3. Implement and evaluate the risk tool in the hospital setting for clinical use.